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Dental Lumineers in Universal City, TX

Every day, millions of people throughout the country worry about their smiles' appearance. Accidents, disease, and even drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes can leave our teeth looking worse for wear. Thankfully, Heritage Dental offers smile-saving solutions for patients that are tired of hiding their grins. Ask about dental Lumineers in Universal City, TX, and discover a better way to conceal damage and stains.

Tackle every item on your schedule confidently when you're wearing custom teeth Lumineers. Lumineers are thin, tooth-colored coverings designed to fit over and bond to unsightly teeth. Whether you're struggling with tobacco stains, chips, or even cracks, Lumineers can cover up all of your teeth's imperfections. Talk to a Lumineer dentist today to learn how you can start wearing these discreet devices and reclaim your smile.

Are Teeth Lumineers Right for You?

When it comes to improving your teeth's appearance, Lumineers do what other treatments and procedures cannot. Whitening, for example, is a temporary solution for staining; however, what about cracks and chips? Many people feel hopeless when they think about their damaged or uneven smiles; however, our Lumineer dentist wants you to know that you have options.

Lumineers are perfect solutions for a variety of dental problems that seem insurmountable at first glance. Some people are born with naturally uneven teeth, or even teeth that are smaller than others. Wafer-thin dental Lumineers fit over uneven, disfigured, and chipped teeth to conceal their imperfections and help wearers secure the smiles they've always wanted.

Woman with Dental Lumineers in Universal City, TX

Let a Lumineer Dentist Answer Your Questions

Don't let an imperfect smile stop you from living your life. It's easy to find out whether dental Lumineers are right for you when you visit our clinic. Once you're wearing your Lumineers, you'll discover it's easy to accomplish what seemed difficult before, such as smiling and laughing with friends. Best of all, you'll be the only one that knows about your Lumineers, as they're virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Talk to a specialist from our family dental clinic to learn more about teeth Lumineers and how they can improve your self-esteem and your grin. Compared with other veneer procedures, the Lumineer installation procedure is simple and less invasive—that means less discomfort and downtime. Even so, our clinic offers a variety of sedation options for patients that prefer to experience as little pain as possible, so be sure to mention your preferences.

Contact our dental clinic to find out more about dental Lumineers, a new approach to traditional veneers. We serve families living in Universal City, Converse, Schertz, Selma, and Cibolo, TX.